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Interested in real, human, intense generation of value?

Value – who wouldn’t be? Well, here’s Tom Chatfield, a Gaming Theorist, talking about how what we’re seeing in the online computer gaming world has potentially huge implications for personal and collective engagement in business, education and government. It’s got some great insights about learning, collaboration, motivation, and rewards and incentives.


Key value takeaways;

  1. Experience bars measuring progress – don’t grade performance incrementally, count and recognise all the small increments on the way.
  2. Multiple long and short-term aims – set up many calibrated complimentary targets that can be done in parallel, instead of one endless boring slog.
  3. Rewards for effort – give credit for trying and reward failure, using small reinforcing rewards keeps people engaged and willing to keep trying.
  4. Rapid, frequent, clear feedback – it’s hard to learn if you can’t link outcomes to actions.
  5. An element of uncertainty – a neurological goldmine, transforming engagement when you’re guaranteed some kind reward and know it might be a big one!
  6. Windows of enhanced attention – memorable moments, “nuggets” that build memory and confidence.
  7. Other people – how people motivate each other to achieve bigger collaborative objectives – it takes a lot of people to kill a dragon.

There’s 16 minutes, so I’m just off for a quick game of FIFA14

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