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Coaching behavioural safety conversations – a postcard from Baku

I’ve been having a fascinating time in Baku running training in behavioural safety conversations for one of the oil companies out here with my colleagues from lloydmasters.  The weather has been great at about 34 C and the beer is expensive but, all in all, a good trip.

Behavioural safety conversations?  Well, yes, it helps safety leaders think about process safety as well as personal safety and gives them the high quality coaching skills required to make a difference.  We met some great guys from Azerbaijan and Georgia who really wanted to understand the dynamics of a rich coaching conversation and use it to make their offshore and onshore work environments safer.

Coaching take-aways

A couple of key take-aways for everybody

  • Use good questioning and listening technique to truly understand the other persons goals and reality.  Take a look at the GROW model.
  • Don’t judge too quickly  and check to see what assumptions you may be making.
  • Use changes in behaviour to change attitudes and beliefs, and ultimately the safety culture of your organisation.
  • Be a leader and use high quality safety conversations to uncover latent risks to your employees safety.

Enjoy these funny “Don’t judge too quickly” videos…

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