Collaboration and Leadership – An Unconference

How does collaboration benefit you a a leader?

Well, for £10 and a day out on 10th February 2016 in Sheffield,  you can join in and discover the experiences and opinions of business leaders like yourself Eventbrite Booking Page

The Different Place Ltd through with our partners Consultancy Hive and Sheffield Hallam University Business School is thrilled to be engaging a diverse community of business executives, consultants and academics to explore how collaboration benefits you as a leader.

We really want to hear your thoughts in areas such as,

  • the value collaboration brings in and between organisations
  • how collaboration benefits and differentiates successful leaders
  • how to  encourage a collaborative organisational culture
  • the skills and behaviours that define individual collaboration

We’ll be there to take part in the conversation and share our experience of the three ways collaboration generates a return on investment, the barriers to making it happen, the impact of individual behaviours, and what leaders must do to create breakthroughs in their organisation.

If you’ve never been to an unconference it means that there is no specific schedule of speakers. You are the speakers, you are the contributors. Unconferences are designed to be participator-led, interactive and collaborative. So the more you bring in, the more you (and others) are likely to take away.  The day will have two sessions: in the morning we will be exploring issues about leadership and collaboration, and in the afternoon we will be sharing insightful nuggets leading to some actions or strategies. Of course it’s an Unconference, so anything could happen.  Join us by booking here Collaborative Leadership; An Unconference

If you can’t make it, take a look at our Project Delivery page and Contact Us for a free and informal opportunity to explore your specific collaboration challenges.

Photo credit Alejandro Escamilla via Unsplash

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