How leadership inspires followers

What makes a great follower?

Can you imagine someone in your organisation who responds to the vision, gets involved, is inspired, confident and having fun?  You can?  Great, maybe you’re a leader because that’s the kind of impact that studied, capable  leadership will create.

I thought I’d share this again when I came across it preparing to deliver a three day leadership programme next week.  At the most basic level you can be fantastic at planning, budgets and co-ordination but that doesn’t make you a leader. Much more impact is gained from clarity of Business Direction and enabling organisational effectiveness by giving people confidence.  This is just the tip of a long leadership capability list and a bucket of supporting tools, but you get the idea.

So, take a 3 minute leadership mindfulness break and watch Derek Sivers at TED in 2010.  “With help from some surprising footage, Derek Sivers explains how movements really get started. (Hint: it takes two.)”  After you’ve watched it, maybe give us a call if you’d like to explore extending the leadership capability in your organisation.

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