Build strong business relationships

Relationships are stronger than sales

In the last 48 hours I’ve been on the receiving end of four very different sales experiences.  As a result here are my selling interaction dos and don’ts  for everyone out there trying to grow their business.

Selling Dos and Don’ts

  1. Don’t sell, listen
    The chances of your product being the perfect fit for client needs today and everyday are unimaginably slim.  So, why box yourself in by describing in glorious Technicolor something the client may not want.  Yesterday, I had a really productive meeting with the Burton upon Trent arm of the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.  As a client I was encouraged to talk about my business needs and previous experience with other Chambers.  As a result relationship built,  objections overcome, needs met, sale made.  Thank-you.
  2. Get your facts right
    Busy falling out with O2 today.  They were about to be the no-brainer recipients of additional business up to the point where they couldn’t do today what they assured me they could do yesterday.  My daughter wants a Blackberry on her account without losing the O2 to O2 free calls.  Despite me checking – before I bought the Blackberry – I’m now told it simply can’t be done.  Impact,  disappointment inconvenience and managing complaint.  Outcome, hello least worst competitor.
  3. Relationships last longer than sales
    Spent an intriguing and enjoyable hour yesterday with two directors from Local Discount Club.  They took the time to understand my business, and I took the time to understand theirs.  It didn’t take us too long to figure out that we both have interesting businesses, but that there wasn’t significant value creation in us working together right now.  Strange, I seem to have a Local Discount Club membership card in my wallet, maybe I’ll go and see what’s on offer.
  4. Do what you say you will
    Much appreciation to a very busy director at Certus Sales today.  About to head off on two weeks vacation it would have been easy to pass off my enquiry to a colleague, or put it on hold.  Nevertheless, here I am at the end of a Friday afternoon feeling very connected and confident that my enquiry is in hand.  Why?  Easy, the two promised call backs happened, and the email arrived.  Whatever, the outcome of my enquiry, sale or no sale, Certus Sales recommended.
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